My crazy Busy life's begun

posted on 01 Aug 2013 18:01 by cmunews
I'm a freshman in Chaing Mai University, Thailand. I used to plan studying abroad around this age. Then my plan's changed and I started my university student life here.
The first day in collage was so different. everyhing is so new for me. I was so excited and nervous at the same time, but I'm sure I felt it more in good way. I was sick of traveling about 6-7 hours to came here. So I prefer not to visit home often.
Life here was fine. I've got so many new friends, but I haven't had any close friend yet. First, I came here to find myself. I didn't decide what I wanted to be, just came to study in a faculty which I thought that it might be my way. But when people ask me what my dream is. The first thing that comes up in my mind is always a cartoonist. I know myself that I love drawing, but another thing that I know is I've never ever finished my manga. So I think, a cartoonist may not suit me. You know what, I have to walk pass CAMT (Collage of Art, Media and Technology), the faculty which is about making animation, every single day. I felt hurt every time I look inside the building. I almost saw nothing actually, but I could feel how interesting it is. I wish I could have  a chance to get in there and learn to make animation. Before I came here I had no idea what the CAMT is, and I already made up my mind to get in The Faculty of Mass Communication (I'm studying this one). I don't know what to do. I love Mass Comm, but I like CAMT too. One became my family already, another is absolutely my dream for all my life.

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